Use the FootFunnel® to keep the back of the shoe from collapsing during donning.

Place AFO Cradle  on the floor then place your AFO into the Cradle.  Lift and place your foot into the AFO and fasten the calf and ankle straps prior to removing foot from AFO Cradle.

If necessary, use a Leg Lifter (not included) to lift your foot into the AFO Cradle.

Use of a non-slip product (such as Dycem or Tenura) placed under base may prevent base from shifting during donning.





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Place the Shoe Platform on the floor against the wall or another stable surface.  Slip the FootFunnel® over the heel of the shoe.  Place your shoe on the Shoe Platform and slide your foot into the shoe pressing down with your heel. Once foot is in the shoe, pull the Foot Funnel® string to remove the Foot Funnel®. Remove your foot from the Shoe Platform.

To fully recline the AFO Cradle in order to donn the AFO while in bed,  reverse the Cradle in the slots

 in the base and recline it as seen in the picture to the left.   Fasten the calf and ankle straps.  Remove your foot from the AFO Cradle  and follow the               

shoe donning instructions.

AFO Cradle

Shoe Platform