· Cradles the ankle foot orthosis (AFO) and shoe securely to facilitate one-handed donning

· Allows a client with the use of only one arm or who has limited trunk flexibility to don the AFO without a struggle

· Reduces the assistance of a caregiver

· Accommodates adult and pediatric size AFOs and shoes

· Includes a shoe platform which facilitates shoe donning

· Is light weight and easy to use

· Is made of durable no-break polypropylene

· Decreases client’s frustration during lower body dressing task

· Created by an Occupational Therapist with over 20 years of experience in the rehabilitation profession


But, most importantly…



“I LOVE your product!  I’ve been an OT for 24 years now, and I can definitely agree there is a HUGE need for something like this on the market! 


B.P (Occupational Therapist), Texas

“Your product is amazing!  There are so many children that will benefit from The Original AFO Assist.  My kids want to be able to dress themselves just like their friends do.  You’re an amazing lady for inventing this.”


N.G. (parent of children with Cerebral Palsy), Canada