Text Box: Our customers asked...and we listened!  
The Original AFO Assist® has evolved over the years thanks to wonderful testimonials from our clients and healthcare professionals.  The story of why we created The Original AFO Assist® was published on the National Stroke Association website (see our Testimonial page for the link to the story).

The Original AFO Assist®, created by an Occupational Therapist and the owner of Home Heart Beats, LLC is a one-of-a kind innovative dressing aid that has revolutionized the donning process of an ankle foot orthosis (AFO) and shoe.  
The Original AFO Assist® is helping hundreds of physically challenged individuals that wear an ankle foot orthosis (AFO) to safely walk regain their dressing independence. 
The Original AFO Assist® has gained the attention of rehabilitation specialists, doctors and allied health professionals worldwide.  
The Original AFO Assist® is proudly manufactured in the USA and holds US Patent No. 8474666.

Our re-designed

Original AFO Assist®